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About us

Need to find company information fast? Company Searches helps you find and download the information you need, instantly.

Now you can view company credit reports, research competitors, assess joint ventures and new business partnerships, credit check new suppliers, search for directors - and access millions of reports, 24/7.

What is Company Searches?
As the authority on Company Searches, we offer the most up to date, accurate and professional company information on the UK's 8.1 million limited companies, their company director information and shareholders.

Simply, our company search service will give you the information you need right now in the most cost effective way.

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Tracker functionality
  • Search over 11.5 million Ltd and non-Ltd and 2.2 million non-ltd UK & NI companies for free
  • View company credit reports
  • Research competitors
  • Assess joint ventures and new business partnerships
  • Credit check new suppliers
  • Search for directors
  • Monitor what information is available on your own business
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